Sunday, April 11, 2010

The New School Paradigm

The old model was that children go to school and come home. Besides homework, the school day was basically over.

But that model is not enough to be successful today.

The new model is that children go to traditional school by day, and go to homeschool on the night and weekends. What is taught in homeschool is not merely an extension of what is taught in day school. It’s a completely different teacher. There are different courses. It’s an entirely different degree.

In day school, the degree is in meeting state standards, following the rules, and in understanding the system. The goal of day school is to be excellent.

In night school, the degree is in exceeding the standards, creating and breaking rules, and creating your own system. The goal of night school is to be remarkable.

The day school teacher has the proper credentials, does what she is expected, and collects her check. Therefore, she teachers students how to get the right credentials, do what is expected, and collect their grades.

The night/weekend teacher is not concerned about credentials, goes beyond what is expected, and doesn’t get paid for her job. She teaches her students that they are more than their credentials, can do more than what is expected, and that certain skills in life can’t be measured by numbers.

Both teachers are important. Both schools are critical.

You are the principal and teacher of the night school. You make the curriculum, you give the tests, you decide the standards.

That’s a daunting task for most. Most people would complain that they don’t have the time. They have another job. They are tired.

But not you. You know complaining has no place. Not when the world depends on the leadership of your child.

Not when you are remarkable.

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