Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome Remarkable Parent!

You are a remarkable parent.

You are sick and tired of hearing about the education crisis in this nation.

You agree there are important skills that your child's school may not be teaching him. Perhaps you wish that your child's school focused more on teaching creativity, self-management skills, financial literacy, compassion, or problem solving skills. But you don't have time to complain about it. You are taking matters into your own hands.

You understand that in order for your child to be successful in the world today, he needs a combination of traditional schooling and homeschooling. That is where you come in.

This blog is for remarkable parents like yourself. Parents who are willing to work overtime to ensure that their child will be prepared to handle the leadership challenges of tomorrow. This blog will have tips and resources that will enable you to educate your child at home, while also ensuring that they are successful in school.

Thank you for visiting.

Thank you for being remarkable.

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